Automation Using Selenium in C# With Example

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We were inspired by Serenity BDD‘s Screenplay implementation. After battle-hardening Boa Constrictor with thousands of automated tests, we are releasing it publicly as an open source project. Our goal is to help everyone make better interactions for better test automation. This article gives you an understanding of how to setup the selenium automation project using C# and we learned a few browser methods which help us to interact with the browser. How to set up Codemagic to automate unit testing and building for Unity projects.

What is automation in C#

Hooks are reminiscent of Aspect-Oriented Programming. Sometimes, Web elements won’t appear without first triggering something else. Even if the elementexists on the page, the WebDriver cannot click it until it is madevisible. Always look for the proper way to make that element available for clicking. Make sure the state of the system should permit the element to be clickable.

url: “/ajax/getProductOwnershipDetails?productId=2244”

It’s time for some action 🙂 Now that I have covered the essentials of Selenium with C#, let’s run a simple automation test with Selenium C# that uses the NUnit framework. The steps to create a new project in Visual Studio are pretty straightforward. Please follow the below steps to create a new project in Selenium with C#. Before you get started, you need to have a code editor installed on your machine. For this Selenium C# tutorial, I’ll be using Visual Studio, but you can use any IDE you prefer for editing your code. The development team can help with improvements in the testing framework.

  • Then, we need to interact with three WebElements on the page, which means we need to locate these elements.
  • Changing the language probably won’t change the deeper issues.
  • However, using Selenium WebDriver can be very frustrating because basic interactions often lack robustness, causing intermittent errors for tests.
  • Step 6) Once the machine is restarted, search for “Visual Studio” on the start menu and click on the search result.

These interactions all “do” something rather than “get” something. All Abilities must implement the IAbility interface. “BrowseTheWeb” simply holds a reference to the WebDriver object. Web UI Interactions will retrieve this WebDriver object from the Actor. For example, an Actor needs a Selenium WebDriver instance to click elements on a Web page. First, there is someone who initiates the interactions.

NuGet Package Manager Console

However, Java is always the first choice because of its large support available online. C# is another programming language that also supports binding with Selenium. And this language binding will be updated along with the java program. For the TearDown, I prefer the second one in case some of the tests open additional windows .

What is automation in C#

C# is a powerful, object-oriented programming language used to build applications for Windows and the web. It’s easy to learn and provides developers with a vast array of tools to build robust and scalable applications. Using Selenium with C# and NUnit can be a great choice if you are just getting started with test automation.

Good Practices in Selenium C# Automation

Context injectionis SpecFlow’s simple yet powerful mechanism for inversion of control. Any POCOs can be injected into any step definition class, either using default values or using a specific initialization, by declaring the POCO as a step def constructor argument. Those instances will also beshared instances, meaning steps across different classes can share the same objects! For example, steps for Web tests will all need a reference to the scenario’s one WebDriver instance. The context-injected objects are also created fresh for each scenario to protect test case independence. Safely sharing data (e.g., “context”) between steps is a big challenge in BDD test frameworks.

This will open the driver folder in Windows File Explorer. Now, the ChromeDriver zip file is downloaded to the required location, extract the ChromeDriver zip here. The default framework contains dependencies for NUnit and NUnit Test Adapter. One file with .cs extension will be created by default i.e UnitTest1.cs. Hello all..hoping to get some advice as I approach year 7 in QA. Now, a truly nifty idea would be to create a domain-specific language for test automation, but that must be a topic for another post.


Let’s create our first class that will contain the basic Setup to open the app and create the WinAppDriver session. Free Visual Studio Community Edition ― starting from VS2013, Visual Studio Professional is became free for small teams. The name comes from the fact that it allows you to turn your tests into BDD behaviors simply. Fluent Assertions is a set of .NET extension methods that allow you to more naturally specify the expected outcome of a TDD or BDD-style test. But remember, as with any technology, there are always pitfalls and challenges to overcome. Whether it’s dealing with dynamic content, managing test data, or working with multiple browser windows, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest best practices and techniques.

What is automation in C#

These situations will likely happen quite often because we want our applications to work for all our users, and they will have various configurations set up on their computers. I wanted to share with you some of the good practices I learned along the way, that I wish I knew when I first started my automation testing journey. While what we call “best practice” may not apply to all projects or all people, please read on to find advice on how you can improve your Selenium C# automation framework. Selenium C# is used for automating web application testing.

Two reference has been added for EDOffice and three libraries for Office & Word. Display MS Word document programmatically using C# on windows or web form using Edraw Office Viewer Active-X control. You can navigate to the LambdaTest Analytics Dashboard to use advanced features for analyzing the performance of your tests.

What is automation in C#

The licensed version provides a slick runner named SpecFlow+ Runner(which is BDD-friendly) and a Microsoft Excel integration tool named SpecFlow+ Excel. Microsoft Visual Studio has extensions for SpecFlow to make development easier. Using one of our dedicated build setup scripts you can now select .NET Core as the target platform. You will also be asked about how you want to name your build project and where it should be created. The build project is also automatically added to your solution. By default, the generated bootstrapping scripts will make sure that the dotnet CLI is installed in a nearby temporary directory.

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