9 QA Interview Questions + How To Answer Them

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Even if you pass the automated resume checker, you’ll need the right information and the right amount of information, too. You don’t need to be an incredible wunderkind or world-famous expert to prove your worth to a potential employer. Many times, an employer wants someone who fits the team and is willing to apply themselves even if they don’t tick all the boxes for a position. You can access even more interview, resume, and cover letter advice at our Career Center, and be sure to check out our full course catalog if you’re looking to learn a new skill. If the developer still disagrees, I would encourage them to share their viewpoint and reasoning.

qa software engineer interview questions

It’s fine if this particular position may only be a stepping stone for your career, but don’t let your interviewer know this. When I interview a senior level engineer and I ask them a technical question, I expect a detailed response to the question. Many times, I get a high level response instead which, to me, signals that they don’t have qa engineer questions the experience I’m looking for. A quality audit refers to the systematic evaluation of the quality control system’s effectiveness. You can think of a quality audit as a test of how well quality is maintained throughout the development process. Answering this question correctly demonstrates your knowledge of high-level testing concepts.

What is the difference between build and release?

Many of these will have simple answers such as your university, major, and previous job experience. But others—such as your greatest strength and weakness—will require more introspection and consideration on what information to include or omit. Let’s break down the different categories of question types, example questions, and example answers you could give during a real interview.

After thorough investigation, I discovered that the issue was caused by a race condition between two asynchronous processes. One process was updating a specific data element while the other was trying to access it simultaneously, leading to unpredictable outcomes. Once I’ve identified possible causes, I start by isolating the problematic section of the code or test script. I use breakpoints and step-through debugging in the IDE to closely examine the execution flow and variable values at each stage.

Which kinds of tools are typically used by testers?

It’s recommended that you tailor your resume to every job you apply for to maximize your opportunity at getting an interview. Following the KISS method (Keep It Short and Simple) is a great general rule when writing resumes of any kind. While two page resumes are okay for senior level positions, three or more can diminish your chances of getting the QA job you want.

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